Barred Kukri Snake

Oligodon signatus

Oligodon signatus, also known as the half-keeled kukri snake, the barred kukri snake, or the banded kukri snake, is a species of snake of the family Colubridae.

The Barred Kukri Snake is considered to be a rare snake, or at least it is rarely encountered. It inhabits lowland primary or mature secondary forest and is nocturnal.
Little is known of the ecology of this species but it appears to be secretive in habits, remaining largely concealed under leaf litter, treefalls and other forest floor debris. 

The ground colour is dark brown (sometimes with a faint purplish tinge), and the dorsum is adorned with red cross-bars which are either narrow and extend onto each flank, or are truncated and triangular in shape (as in the example shown here). Towards the head these bars assume a forward-pointing chevron pattern, which is typical of many species of kukri snake. The underside is reddish-pink.

The body is moderately slender and rounded in cross-section. The head is short and of the same diameter as the neck. 

Barred Kukri Snake 

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