Kopstein´s Bronzeback

Dendrelaphis kopstini

Kopstein´s Bronzeback is a very Beautiful and slender Snake. 

Bronzebacks range in total length ( including tail ) from 2 feet ( 0.61 m ) to up to 6 feet ( 1.8 m ). 

All species have a slender body with a long tail. Males are shorter in length and brighter in coloration; they also tend to be more active. Females are stouter with duller or darker colorations and are less active. Typical coloration includes red, brown, or orange on the head with bronze, brown, or olive-green running down the length of the back. The underside of the body is usually bright to pale green or yellow. They have big eyes and bright red tongues. The tail is fully prehensile.

Kopstein´s Bronzeback / Distribution area