Green Cat Snake

Boiga cyanea

Boiga cyanea is a Colubrid snake species found in South Asia, China and South-east Asia.

Medium to large in length, slightly compressed, medium bodied snake with a moderately long tail. Head distinct from narrow neck with a rounded snout. Eyes large in size with vertically elliptical pupils. Dorsal scales smooth with single or double apical pits. Ventrals with a feeble lateral keels. Dorsal scale count usually 21 - 21 ( 23 ) - 15. Its long prehensile tail makes it purely arboreal.

Dorsal color uniform green or green mixed with grayish or bluish. Belly color greenish or yellowish white. Top of the head usually similar to dorsal color or sometimes of brownish tint. Upper lip color yellowish; most of head scaled margined with black. Eyes golden brown. Hatchlings are reddish brown with a green head. The color of the hatchlings starts to change after 8–9 months of age.

Length: Maximum: 190 cm. Common: 115 cm. (SVL. 87 cm.)

English: Cyan-jawed Cat Snake, Green Cat Snake, Green-eyed Snake.

Green Cat Snake / Distribution area