Drapiez´s Cat Snake

Boiga drapiezii 

Drapiez's Cat Snake

Boiga drapiezii, Heinrich Boie in Friedrich Boie, 1827

( In Thai: งูดงคา, ngu dong ka )

Boiga drapiezii, commonly known as the white-spotted cat snake, is a species of long and slender rear-fanged colubrid that is common throughout its range.


The epithet, drapiezii, is in honor of Belgian naturalist Auguste Drapiez.


There are two known phases of B. drapiezii. The green phase has a marbled green body with a more robust head and width. The brown phase is much more slender with orange brown triangle-like bands across the body. This species is in need of urgent review, with possibly more subspecies awaiting discovery and subsequent description.

Geographic range

B. drapiezii is found in Indonesia, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


The white-spotted cat snake, while arboreal, can often be found moving about on the forest floor in search of prey and travel. It is found in tropical rainforest, sometimes on branches near streams.


The white-spotted cat snake feeds on geckos, frogs, and other smaller snakes in the wild.

Drapiez´s Cat Snake 

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