Snakes in Thailand

That I have found out there in the jungle

Collared Reed Snake
Dark Wolf Snake
Drapiez´s Cat Snake
Dog-toothed Cat Snake
Dwarf Reed Snake
Elegant or Beautiful Bronzeback
Hagen´s Pit Viper
Indo-Chinese Rat Snake
Keeled Rat Snake
Keeled Slug-eating Snake
King Cobra
Laotian Wolf Snake
Malaysian Banded Coral Snake
Malayan Bridle Snake
Malayan or Blue Krait
Malaysian Blue Coral Snake
Malayan Slug Snake
Malayan White-banded Wolf Snake
Western Mangrove Cat Snake
Monocled Cobra
Mountain or White-spotted Slug Snake
Oriental Whip Snake
Pink-headed Reed Snake
Puff-faced Mud Snake
Radiated Rat Snake
Red-tailed Green Tree Ratsnake
Reticulated Python
Sabah Pit Viper
Small-spotted Coral Snake
Spotted Slug Snake
Striped Bronzeback
Speckle-bellied Keelback
Triangle Keelback
Variable Reed Snake
Wagler´s Palm Pit Viper
Wall`s Bronzeback
White-bellied Rat Snake
Wirot´s Pit Viper
Yellow-lipped Sea Snake